The exponential spread of the Ebola virus

Posted on Wed 15 October 2014 in data

Three weeks have passed since my original post, and Ebola has continued to spread exponentially since. At the present rate, the number of reported cases of Ebola appears to double every 29 days.

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Science using Twitter: when do people see spiders?

Posted on Tue 30 September 2014 in data

It has been a mild autumn in the UK, which has led researchers to predict that we may see more spiders than usual this year. The theory goes that mild weather causes more insects to be around, which in turn implies that there is more prey for our eight-legged friends …

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Does rainfall affect food prices in Kenya?

Posted on Mon 05 August 2013 in data

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the first "London DataDive" organised by DataKind UK; a non-profit organisation which aims to bring data scientists and social organisations together. The noble idea behind DataKind is that charities and public bodies often sit on a pile of data which might be …

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