Social Comet ISON Statistics

Posted on Mon 02 December 2013 in comets

Users of Twitter posted up to 12,000 messages per hour during Comet ISON's perilous encounter with the Sun last Friday. Events like this provide us with an opportunity to understand the demographics of the audience exposed to astronomy through social media.

Using the public API provided by Twitter, I …

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Comet PanSTARRS attracts 2x more men than women?

Posted on Wed 20 March 2013 in comets

Two weeks ago, I posted an animation on YouTube showing where Comet PanSTARRS would be visible. The video attracted more than 15 000 hits, and although this is not a proper statistical analysis, I would like to draw attention to an interesting result in the demographic analytics provided by YouTube …

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Map: when can you see comet PanSTARRS?

Posted on Tue 05 March 2013 in comets • Tagged with C/2011 L4, Comet, Pan-STARRS

Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) has brightened dramatically over the past week and is now visible with the naked eye from the Southern Hemisphere. Pan-STARRS is moving north rapidly and will become visible across Europe, North America and Asia from Thursday 7 March onward. The comet is expected to reach …

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