Posted on Sat 06 October 2012 in misc

To celebrate the completion of my PhD and start of a post-doc, I've decided to start publishing bits and pieces of research on a blog. I'm hoping this will encourage me to write about results more frequently, hence achieving more scientific output and interaction than I would obtain through peer-reviewed publications and conferences alone.

I am inspired by a number of existing research bloggers who I enjoy reading. They include Andrew Gelman, David Hogg, Sarah Kendrew, Andy Lawrence, Adrian Price-Whelan, Robert Simpson, AstroBetter, Remanzacco, Zooniverse Blogs, Stuart Lowe, as well as a a bunch of micro-bloggers on Twitter, and others who I forget to list.

This blog has just two rules:

  1. I shall not apologise for the frequency of posts, or lack thereof.
  2. I shall not apologise for breaking the first rule.

If you agree to these conditions, then please do subscribe to the feed.